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    Creating Better

    Health Networks

    The LAVAA Intelligence platform empowers healthcare stakeholders with actionable insights derived from best-in-class research, care protocols and cutting-edge technology. This comprehensive approach leads to optimized patient care and financial performance.


    In today's value-based healthcare landscape, where providers are rewarded for delivering quality care efficiently, Lavaa's intelligent platform emerges as a powerful tool. It caters to the specific needs of organizations operating within this model, including hospitals, physician groups, Managed Service Organizations (MSOs), Managed Care Organizations (MCOs), and Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs).


    LAVAA enables these organizations to thrive by providing a unique double advantage. Leveraging advanced AI, the platform helps to improve diagnoses, prevent patient deterioration, increase earnings and optimize resource allocation, all while aligning with value-based care principles and CMS guidelines. This translates to not only better patient outcomes, but also significant improvement in financial performance.

    Lavaa uses protocols that are certified in the treatment of non-communicable diseases to determine an individual's risk of developing long-term health conditions.

    Your Brand

    Strong relationships are the foundation of any successful healthcare network. As a white-label solution, Lavaa empowers health networks to build brand and improve ' ‘stickiness' ' with their partners and providers. This not only improves adherence to network protocols but also fosters deeper engagement with the network as a whole


    Thriving Healthcare Networks

    Built on Three Pillars of Success

    Lavaa empowers every stakeholder from phyciains to care navigators with personalized solutions that drive clinic-wide improvement.


    Financial Excellence


    Operational Efficiency


    Clinical Outcomes

    Our marks
    of quality

    We follow all the necessary rules for the development of medical software, consulting and medical services.


    Personalized pathways for
    chronic care management

    Healthcare is most effective when it's personalized. Lavaa's intelligent platform recognizes that each patient's needs are unique, with evolving conditions, different comorbidities and concerns.
    Lavaa’s personalized pathways simplify complex care management by generating dynamic recommendations based on individual’s data. This translates to targeted messages, questionnaires, and notifications that guide patients through their healthcare journey, optimizing their experience and health outcomes.

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    in our mission

    Our goal is to strengthen every part of the medical value chain, improve lives and create financially sustainable health care systems across the globe. Why don't you join us in our mission?

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