The Lavaa team brings together a wealth of technological, clinical, product and management expertise.
The Lavaa team brings together a wealth of technological, clinical, product and management expertise.
CEO, Co-Founder
Adam is a serial entrepreneur whose passion for using technology to effect transformative change comes from his background in deploying artificial intelligence to improve critical national infrastructure.

Adam's vast leadership and experience, including high-frequency algorithmic trading platforms and AI for national-scale critical infrastructure.

Before starting his career as a technology entrepreneur, Adam served as an officer in the elite Unit 8200, the cyber intelligence division of the Israel Defense Forces.
Adam Amitai
President, Co-Founder
Izhak brings his experience leading Maccabi Health Services, one of Israel's four state-mandated HMOs, alongside a professional background of senior leadership in the legal and insurance sectors.

He is currently a partner at one of Israel's leading law firms, Doron, Tikotzky, Kantor, Gutman Nass, Gross and Company.

Izhak remains a board member of Maccabi Health Services and has previously served as chairman and board member of several public and privately held companies.
Izhak Lax
Our mission is to create the nexus of health care in order to improve the lives of millions around the globe.


Our mission is to create the nexus of health care in order to improve the lives of millions around the globe.


Nicky Lieberman M.D.
Chief Medical Officer
Nicky is a world leader in personalized medicine. He previously led the community-based medical policy of Clalit, the largest of Israel's four state-mandated HMOs.
Dr Lieberman has also been instrumental in developing the Israeli Ministry of Health Preventive Innovations Plan.
Noam Reich
Chief Financial Officer
Noam brings over 25 years of experience as a Chief Financial Officer and financial consultant working in a wide variety industry-leading firms. He has worked as a finance leader for companies in the following sectors: Industrials, retail, investments, global insurance, infrastructure, advanced technology and global agriculture.
Dr Nir Roy Lieberman
Head of Research and Internal Marketing
Nir is an academic researcher with years of experience in managing research teams and leading international projects. Dr Roy Lieberman was previously a director of sales and marketing within the electronic games industry.
Dmitry Melnikov
Head of Software and Product
Dmitry has over 20 years of experience in establishing and delivering R&D solutions, building digital architecture and development strategy. His technical background includes low and high-level solutions, enterprise and SME projects. He brings immense experience in managing teams of developers from the planning stage to the final product delivery.
Ilana Refael
Customer Relations and Project Manager
Ilana has over 15 years of experience in leading healthcare organizations, managing clinical trials and project managing a range of related digital projects.
Eileen Shelem
Operations Director
Eileen is an expert in managing operations within a range of technology sectors, bringing over 15 years of experience. She has worked in cyber security and in environmental, engineering and manufacturing-focused technology companies. She has led company operations in firms with over 150 employees, managing complex IT procurement, financial control, administration, travel, absorption, onboarding and training responsibilities.
Lotan Shilo, M.D.
Non-Communicable Diseases Expert
Lotan is the head of the Clinical Pharmacology Service and a senior attending physician at Meir Hospital, in the city of Kfar Saba in central Israel. Dr Shilo is also a Faculty member at the Tel Aviv University School of Medicine and a past recipient of the Merck Fellowship in Clinical Pharmacology at Stanford University.
Kirill Baibarin, M.D.
Advisor, EU Healthcare
Kirill is a clinician and pharmaceutical executive with several decades of clinical practice and leadership experience in the fields of urology and reproductive health. Dr Baibarin has written dozens of published scientific research papers covering the clinical area of urinary disorders and bladder and kidney stone disease.
Gili Berkovich
Legal Advisor
Gili Berkovich is an experienced lawyer and result-oriented business development leader with over eight years of experience in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical sector. Gili is has previously worked GKH, one of Israel's leading commercial, corporate and financial law firms and was actively involved in structuring commercial deals and litigation.
Joel Kahn, M.D.
Advisor, US Healthcare
Joel is a veteran clinician and healthcare technology executive, with over 20 years of experience leading healthcare companies at all levels from board member to C-suite executive. Dr Kahn, who received his medical degree from Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, has worked as a medical director at leading US insurer and managed care company Aetna and in various roles at WorldCare, eMindful, CareAlign and Pacific Blackstone Group.
Shmulik Berkovich
Advisor, Pharmaceuticals and Life Sciences
Shmulik is the founder of SBTech Global Consulting and brings over three decades of multidisciplinary experience in the healthcare, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology industries. He previously co-founded TrueMed Therapeutics, a rare disease and specialty care-focused distribution company, delivering tailored port-to-patient treatments.